Rustic Gold 30/50mm Slate




Our unique rustic gold slate is only available from, this product is supplied unwashed, once the product has been hosed down, you will be blown away with unbelievable colours in it. This product is the flag ship of our range and we are extremely proud to be sole suppliers of this product for 2019.

This amazing new addition will compliment any area of the Garden, especially with modern style gardens, water features and for creating a contemporary feel to any landscaping design project. Not only is this slate beautiful and unique, it is very adaptable, durable and long lasting.
This beautiful 40mm slate chipping is quite chunky so it is better used for ground cover, mulching, around ponds as well as paths. It also gives a lovely look to any landscaping project.
It is best laid 5-6cm deep or slightly deeper on drives. The actual size of the slate ranges from 30-50mm.


Price shown is for 900kg bulk bag.


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