Graphite Grey 40mm Slate Chippings




This  stunning NEW graphite grey slate is simple, yet striking sometimes with veins of a golden colour running through the chippings making it a truly unique slate chipping, a perfect alternative to the plum or blue.

A beautiful addition to any area, especially with modern style gardens,  water features and for creating a contemporary feel to any landscaping design project. Not only is this slate beautiful, it is very adaptable, durable and long lasting.

This beautiful 40mm slate chipping is quite chunky so it is better used for ground cover, mulching and around ponds as opposed to paths. It also gives a lovely look to any landscaping project. Sometimes there may be small pieces of white quartz in the slate, this is because it is naturally embedded with the slate.

It is best laid 5-6cm deep or slightly deeper on drives. The actual size of the slate ranges from 30-50mm.

Price shown is for 900kg bulk bag.


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